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Marketing 4 Yogis – Learn how to market your yoga business online
  • Discover how yoga & lifestyle influencers leverage social media to fund their lifestyle, so you can to…

Are you passionate about helping people change their lives with yoga?

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably know about the rapid growth in videos on YouTube, images on Instagram and blog posts shared on Facebook of people who have decided to escape the 9 to 5 and make the world a better place with Yoga. What you might not know is, it’s possible for you to do too.

Getting involved in this new movement is much easier than you think. All you need is a positive mindset, the willingness to take action and commit. Which we hope to prove as you venture around this site.

It’s not a matter of being an expert at web development, writing, or photography. You don’t have to spend thousands on equipment before you set off either but, what you do need is a plan. That’s what we’re here for.

Throughout this website, you will find actionable content that breaks down the 3 main areas you need to focus on, for turning your passion for yoga into an online business…

Reliable, actionable advice…

Learn how to create the lifestyle you want, based on your ambitions and experience from people who have done it before


If you’re passionate about helping people with yoga, learn how to connect with people online to get clients or promote your classes


Bloggers, Video Bloggers & Social Media Influencers. Learn how to leverage your content to drive followers and turn followers into customers

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Looking to create a business that can be automated, allowing you to generate revenue while giving you the time to enjoy it? Discover the opportunities online and how to make an impact.

delivered on a multi-platform experience…

  • Blog

    When getting started or looking for ideas on what to take on next, it’s best to get high-level advice to understand what is possible and where you might want to focus on next.

    To support you with this, we’re creating a blog that will give you a broad range of ideas and solutions, ideal for when you’ve got a moment and are looking for ideas for where to invest your time.

  • eBooks

    Once you know what you want to focus on, you can download one of our guides. Guides are illustrated ebooks with in-depth and more importantly, actionable step-by-step processes.

    With each guide we focus on a specific challenge, showing you the quickest and most effective ways to get over your next hurdle. For example, we might break down the most effective way to take on a specific social media strategy.

    Ideal for reading on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Once downloaded you can refer to them at any time, particularly useful in when you have time but no wifi.

  • Courses

    For those of you who are ready to take massive action, we have created in-depth courses.

    Our courses will show you how to take on larger scale challenges that might have multiple stages along the journey. For example, building a website and driving traffic to it.

    Each course is broken down into modules and lessons that walk you though the best ways to get up and running as quickly as possible. All our courses come with lifetime access allowing you to go back and repeat anything you might want to work on.

with a commitment to success…

Our goal is to ensure you reach your full potential, regardless of your starting point. To make sure our content is valuable to you, everything we produce has been put though the following filters, before being published

Easy to understand

You can’t make use of what you can’t understand so, each post, guide and lesson has been broken down into simple ideas, with images and a step-by-step process to follow, everyone can make progress regardless of your starting point


Simply providing you with ideas is only half of the story, so we go into depth with both our explanations of the challenges and, our solutions so you feel confident on each step of your journey

Based on experience

Our aim is to create reliable content that will become a key reference point for Yogi’s and Lifestyle influencers. To ensure that all the information is useful and that you can benefit from it, we speak to bloggers, businesses owners and add digital marketers to uncover the best ideas and then test them before recommending them, just like you do with your practice


We want to empower you to make an impact, both by giving you the advice to know what to focus on but also showing you how to do it. This is what separates us from all of the content out on the web that can take years to wade through

Tools and resources

The right tools and resources can increase your productivity by 10x or even 100x, so we will link to the ones that we use ourselves, empowering you to multiply and automate your efforts


Information is not useful if you can’t get to it which is why we have chosen to provide content across multiple mediums.  Blog posts you can read on your phone, eBooks you can save to your tablet and video courses you can watch on your laptop or in any other combination you like


for people just like you.

Join more than 5,800 influencers who have already invested in their online careers…

  • I read everything I can about social media but learning the truth about how to build a community on Instagram allows me to have a real impact on my goals. Thank you soo much!!!
    Jamie Anderson
    Yoga Teacher
  • I already had a website on Wix but it had lots of issues and I never got any enquiries so taking your course allowed me to get a more professional presence online and start teaching people online.
    Courtney Smalls
    Yoga Teacher
  • Having a website is so important in this day and age but I'm not a techie so the course was perfect for me. I am grateful for your help because it allowed someone like me to build an awesome website. Thanks!
    Vihaan Bharti
    Yoga Teacher
  • I am building a brand to help people change their lives. I want to have high standards and provide a great experience to people whenever they interact with our content and classes. The website building course was great because it showed me how to build my site which I am really proud of.
    Emma Jones
    Yoga Studio Owner

The Launch Kit

If you are ready to take action and start building a business online, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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  • Drive targeted traffic from Instagram
  • Pick the right business for you
  • Save $94



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