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About – Marketing 4 Yogis


Who created this project?

This site and the content, courses and guides associated with it have been produced by Armoury Digital, a leading Digital Marketing company based in London.

About Armoury Digital

The team at Armoury Digital have been building websites and marketing online for more than 8 years. Over the years the team have built up a wealth of experience, working on everything from small one-page websites through to high growth international campaigns in a range of markets.

Armoury Digital also serves clients (and friends) who run blogs that get 100’s of thousands of readers every month, using the techniques shared on this platform. Many clients have been able to make the shift from having a job to working for themselves, and now live off the businesses they make from their websites, blogs and social media accounts.

Why create this site?

The aim of The Armoury has always been to equip small businesses and entrepreneurs with battle tested tools and strategies that will help them grow their businesses online.

As a result of the work we have done in the past and continue to do in the Yoga and healthy lifestyle spaces, we are regularly contacted by Yogi’s who are just starting out. While they have a wealth of experience and great ideas with regards to helping people, they aren’t always well versed in digital marketing and the new world of social media.

Everyone knows that there is a great opportunity in becoming a social media influencer or creating a business online but, there is a disconnect in knowing how to use these tools in this new world.

So our team agreed the best way to help as many people as possible would be to put the most important elements into actionable guides & courses to help people like you flourish online.

We originally created a guide to help people grow their Instagram accounts. Following the success of that project and request from Yogis for more advice, we decided to build a platform that would allow us to share more.

Our commitment to you…

Our goal is to ensure the highest standards and quality of information to push you and your project, regardless of the stage you are at. So all of our content, guides and courses have been put through the following filters, before being published….

Easy to understand

You can’t make use of what you can’t understand so, each post, guide and lesson has been broken down into simple ideas, with images and a step-by-step process to follow, everyone can make progress regardless of your starting point


Simply providing you with ideas is only half of the story, so we go into depth with both our explanations of the challenges and, our solutions so you feel confident on each step of your journey

Based on experience

Our aim is to create reliable content that will become a key reference point for Yogi’s and Lifestyle influencers. To ensure that all the information is useful and that you can benefit from it, we speak to bloggers, businesses owners and add digital marketers to uncover the best ideas and then test them before recommending them, just like you do with your practice


We want to empower you to make an impact, both by giving you the advice to know what to focus on but also showing you how to do it. This is what separates us from all of the content out on the web that can take years to wade through

Tools and resources

The right tools and resources can increase your productivity by 10x or even 100x, so we will link to the ones that we use ourselves, empowering you to multiply and automate your efforts


Information is not useful if you can’t get to it which is why we have chosen to provide content across multiple mediums.  Blog posts you can read on your phone, eBooks you can save to your tablet and video courses you can watch on your laptop or in any other combination you like

gold_guarantee-150x150Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with any of our guides or courses for any reason, just let us know, and we’ll refund your money in full.